My Secret Garden

Way back in the day, when I was just a little girl, I had a very wild imagination. I still remember some of my fantasies, particularly the "Secrete Underground Garden". The garden's gateway was located under a single tile in our backyard. I use to lift it, crawl under it and suddenly find myself in a beautiful garden. Everything was so blue and green. The sky, trees and flower fields were all so mesmerizing, so magical and beautiful.

My secrete garden wasn't just magical, it was also full of surprises, full of stories and adventures. You see, all my favorite cartoon characters were there! I use to run and play with them in the fields. Sometimes they would read me stories and I would fall asleep on the green grass under the trees with my colorful friends.
Walt and Grandpa Prancing through a Henri Rousseau jungle
Walt and Grandpa Prancing through a Henri Rousseau jungle
Sometimes, I wish that I could just escape reality and go back to my garden, where everything was so simple, so safe and so full of joy. Sadly, I have grown into a rational adult with a brain full of fear, hopes and dreams. However, thanks to some amazing artists out there, artists such as Aaron Blaise & Chuck Williams, I get to escape the reality of life every once in a while and enjoy an animated film that takes me back to the good ol' days.

Art Story by Aaron Blaise & Chuck Williams

When I heard of Art Story, I was immediately in love. What if, instead of crawling underground to my secrete garden, I got sucked into a Picasso painting? And what if the journey didn't end there? What if I kept traveling from one painting to another? Oh how I'm dying to take that trip!
Walt being pulled into a painting
Walt being pulled into a painting!

We will be talking about everything related to pretty pictures and the amazing artists responsible for making our world a pleasure to look at! Tips, tricks, discussions and everything in between.


    Being an artist is like an addiction that your born with and live with happily every after...
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